"Drunksgiving" Sees a Spike in DUI Arrests

Some call it “Blackout Wednesday,” others call it “Drunksgiving” – it is the night before Thanksgiving and there is often a spike in DUI arrests.  The reason?  Many people go home for the holidays and meet up with friends on Thanksgiving eve.  It is a busy night for many bars. According to the National Highway… Read more »


Dahl, Fischer & Wilks and our clients achieved some good case outcomes recently.  With the help of our clients, we have been able to secure a couple of dismissals for our clients.  

Court This Week

The courts are closed on Monday, but we will make up for it the rest of the week.  Not often, but occassionally, officers write tickets or summons with a court appearance date that falls on a date when the courts are closed.  When this happens, people wonder what they should do about their court date…. Read more »

5 Common DUI Questions

We pride ourselves in offering individualized attention, not only to clients, but everyone who calls us seeking possible representation.  People who call our office or submit questions through our website will always speak with or be responded to by a lawyer.  Everyone’s case or issue is unique, but there are a few questions we get… Read more »

Marijuana Consumption Defense to Murder?

Last spring, Richard Kirk is alleged to have murdered his wife in their Observatory Park home in Denver.  He is charged with murder and recently changed his plea from not guilty to not guilty by reason of insanity.  Kirk’s defense team has called on various experts to make this altered plea.  Not guilty by reason… Read more »

New Drug Program Promises Not to File Criminal Charges

Prescription drugs are getting abused more and more frequently.  A police department in Massachusetts is taking an innovative approach to this increasing drug problem.  The Glouchester Police Department is inviting people to the police station, no questions asked, in an effort to fast track people into treatment to help them kick the habit.  People can turn over their… Read more »

Your Civil Litigation Attorneys

Once a year, the judges and prosecutors have a conference that pulls them out of the courtroom for a few days.  When this happens, there are no court appearances for criminal cases.  We thought we would take the opportunity to discuss a couple of other areas of practice.  Aside from criminal defense work, we also… Read more »

Court This Week

Our attorneys practice throughout the Denver metro area.  This includes Adams, Arapahoe, Boulder, Denver, Douglas and Jefferson counties.  We also have the opportunity to practice in jurisdictions that are a little further away, like this week when we are scheduled in Weld County.  Many cities have their own municipal courts and we defend cases in… Read more »

Former CU Player Guilty of Theft

Former CU running back, Bobby Purify, began a 2-day jail sentence today for a felony theft case in Boulder County.  The jail stay is only part of his sentence.  He was also sentenced to probation with community service hours and payment of restitution.  Purify was charged with theft of over $13,000.  He was an employee… Read more »

Will "Mini Law School" Make Me Defense Attorney?

The University of Colorado at Boulder is offering a “mini law school” beginning September 8.  Classes will be held once a week for eight weeks.  Students will be able to attend live lectures at the CU Boulder law building or live webcasts at CU South Denver.  The classes will discuss, among other topics, criminal, business,… Read more »