Erin Andrews Settles Civil Suit

Erin Andrews, the sportscaster who sued the hotel owner and operator who allowed her stalker to secretly record her while naked, has settled the lawsuit.  The case was actually presented to a jury and jury awarded her $55 million in damages.  The hotel owner and operator was required to pay $27 million while Andrews’ stalker… Read more »

Grand Jury Indicts Manziel for Assault

Former Cleveland Browns quarterback, Johnny Manziel, is rumored to have been indicted by a grand jury for assaulting his girlfriend back in January.  His girlfriend, Colleen Crowley, alleged that he hit her so hard it burst her eardrum.  Grand juries usually hear felony level allegations, but the prosecution decided to take Manziel’s case to the… Read more »

Aurora Red Light Cameras Questioned

Aurora is currently a red light enforcement community.  The city has red light cameras at various locations.  The city’s contract with Xerox for the red light cameras is expiring in June.  The contract has not yet been renewed because it is uncertain whether the cameras will continue to be used.  While the cameras generate about… Read more »

NFL Player in Hit & Run Had Revoked License

Baltimore Ravens linebacker, Terrell Suggs, pled not guilty to two misdemeanor charges: driving with a suspended license and hit and run.  Both charges carry possible jail time, but it is not mandatory.  Suggs reportedly caused some property damage but failed to stay on scene.  His license is allegedly suspended because of speeding tickets. Colorado’s laws… Read more »

10x DUI Offender Sentenced

A judge in Weld County handed down the first felony DUI sentence in the county.  In August, a new law took effect, making a fourth DUI in a lifetime a class 4 felony.  The Weld County defendant had 9 prior alcohol or drug related driving offenses.  Cumulatively, he had spent 12 years on probation and… Read more »

DUI Law Struck Down by Hawaii Court

Hawaii’s Supreme Court struck down a law that may result in dismissal of over 3000 DUI cases.  The Court held that a law that criminalizes refusal of a blood or breath test violates a driver’s Fourth Amendment protection against unreasonable search and seizure. A 2011 law made it a crime, punishable by up to 30… Read more »