Aurora Public Defender's Office Beholden to the City – Conflict of Interest?

What is a Public Defender? Public Defenders are court appointed lawyers who represent defendants in criminal matters.  Public defenders are lawyers just like private lawyers,but are appointed to represent those who cannot afford representation of their own.  Defense attorneys have a responsibility to their clients to zealously advocate for their clients.  This is in direct… Read more »

Election 2016; Not Just for President

It is hard to forget that 2016 is a Presidential election year, but there are other important issues on the ballot as well, including judicial retention and local district attorney races. Local judges are appointed, so they are not voted into office, but once a judge is appointed, he or she must be retained by… Read more »

What To Do If Pulled Over for DUI

People often ask us what they should do if they get pulled over for a DUI.  This question is usually related to whether they should agree to take roadside maneuvers or a blood or breath test.  It is difficult to answer those questions without knowing more about an individual’s particular circumstances and, even then, there… Read more »

Supreme Court: DUI Blood Test Requires Warrant

Last week the United States Supreme Court ruled that police need a warrant to require a blood draw in DUI investigations, but ruled that breath tests do not require a warrant.  The Court was not unanimous in its decision.  Some of the Justices feel a warrant should not be required at all, while others feel… Read more »

Gun Trust: What, Who, Why and When

Laura Wilson recently joined our firm as a partner, specializing in real estate, elder law and estate planning.  A very specific area of estate planning is the creation of a gun trust. 1. What is a gun trust? Gun trusts are effective estate planning tool to ensure the proper possession, ownership and transfer of NFA… Read more »

Risk Reward of Police Body Cameras

Discussion about police body cameras is on the rise in the wake of incidents involving police misconduct.  Body cameras are not required, but more and more officers are wearing them.  Footage captured on the cameras protects citizens from police misconduct and protects officers from allegations of misconduct. But a recent investigative report on the Today… Read more »

Incarceration Rates High in U.S.

The White House recently released a study that suggests the mass incarceration that occurs in the U.S. is not having its intended effect.  While the U.S. population accounts for about 5% of the world population, the American inmate population accounts for about 25% of the total worldwide inmate population.  Recognition of this fact, coupled with… Read more »