Our Mission Statement

Hello, If you know much about us, you probably know we grew up in the 90’s and often make pop culture references paying homage to that great decade, so here’s another – “The Things We Think And Do Not Say: The Future of Our Business” – Jerry Maguire.  This 1996 Cameron Crowe film tells the… Read more »

Mandatory Arrest in Domestic Violence Cases?

Do the police really have to arrest someone if there is a domestic violence allegation?  Based on the law, the police are never required to arrest anyone based on a mere allegation.  In order to arrest a person, police must either have a warrant or probable cause to believe a domestic violence based crime has… Read more »

But I Didn’t Abuse Anyone? Domestic Violence Defined

A common question we get from clients is, “How can that be domestic violence?”  The definition of domestic violence is more broad than most people think.  Quick quiz to test your knowledge of the definition of domestic violence: Q:  If a husband and wife get into a verbal argument and, during that argument, the wife… Read more »

Domestic Violence in Papua New Guinea

I was recently lucky enough to attend an event focused on ending the domestic violence in Papua New Guinea. Senisim Pasin is a strategic Papua New Guinea Tribal Foundation initiative in alliance with the National Strategy for Responsible Sustainable Development. Two thirds (7 out of 10) of the women in Papua New Guinea will experience… Read more »

Sealing of Records – Just Got Easier

Well, not “just.” In 2016 Colorado revised the statute that allows you to seal certain criminal records so they do not show up on background checks and you do not have to disclose them on job applications. This statute is CRS § 24-72-702.5 (2016) under the simplified procedure. If your case was dismissed, you were… Read more »

Can the Police Search My Trash?

Trash: To Search or Not to Search. Here’s the scenario: you take your trash out to the curb every Monday and Wednesday night. Seems like a pretty innocuous chore, but weeks later you learn the police have been collecting and looking through your trash in order to obtain enough information to obtain a warrant for… Read more »

If I Get Stopped For a DUI, Do I Have to Perform Roadside Tests?

​You’ve probably seen or heard of people doing roadside tests during a DUI investigation.  But how much do you really know about those “tests?” First, you may hear them called different things:  roadside tests, roadside maneuvers, standard field sobriety tests (SFST’s).  These tests are “premised on the predictable effects of the consumption of ethyl alcohol:… Read more »