Bieber Pleads Not Guilty to DUI; Tox Report Shows Marijuana and Xanax

The results of Justin Bieber’s toxicology report, following his DUI arrest, have been released, showing THC and Alprazolam.  THC is found in marijuana and Alprazolam in the primary ingredient in Xanax.  Detection of these substances is consistent with the statements made by Bieber to the police.  He admitted to having used marijuana and prescription drugs prior to driving.  The toxicology report came up negative for any other drugs, including cocaine, meth and opiates.

On Wednesday, Bieber pled not guilty to the DUI charge and scheduled for his next court date on February 14, but Bieber’s appearance will be waived, meaning he need not appear.  His attorney will appear on his behalf.

The elements, or things the prosecution will have to prove to convict Bieber of DUI, are that he was driving and that he was substantially incapable of safely operating a motor vehicle due to the consumption of alcohol or drugs or both.  While Bieber’s blood alcohol level was low, a 0.014, the prosecution may try to argue that the combination of alcohol, marijuana and Xanax  rendered Bieber incapable of safely driving his car.  The defense would likely argue that the BAC level is well below any legal limits and that the simple presence of THC and Alprazolom, without knowing the amount of each, in his system is not sufficient evidence  to convict him.