Bieber Neither Drunk Nor Drag Racing

Last week, Justin Bieber made headlines when he was arrested for DUI, drag racing and resisting arrest.  Since news of the initial arrest broke, new information has surfaced, indicating Bieber was neither drunk nor drag racing.  Neither was Khalil, the driver of the red Ferrari allegedly racing Bieber.  Khalil was arrested for DUI and drag racing along with Bieber.

Khalil took a breath test and registered .000 for both breath samples taken.  Bieber had some alcohol in his system, but his breath test only registered at a .014.  The question still remains whether Bieber and Khalil were under the influence of some type of drug.  The urine test results are still outstanding.  However, urine tests for drugs generally do not provide sufficient information to determine whether a person is under the influence because urine tests do not detect the amount of the drug in the system, but rather just the presence of the drug in the system.  Without knowing the precise amount of drug in the system, it may be difficult for the prosecution to prove the DUI charges.

In addition, it should be noted that Bieber is under 21, so it is illegal for him to possess or consume alcohol of any amount.  That said, here in Colorado, with a BAC of .014, Bieber would not even be charged with underage drinking and driving (baby DUI) because the BAC must be atleast .020 in order to be charged with a baby DUI.  Bieber could, however, be charged with an MIP (minor in possession) charge.