Belichick Warns Patriots Against Marijuana Use

The New England Patriots are in town to play the Broncos in the AFC Championship game.  The teams faced off earlier this season in Foxborough, but since the last time the Patriots came to Denver, the marijuana laws have changed.  Recreational marijuana usage is now legal for people 21 years of age and older.  As such, the sale of marijuana has also been legalized, although there are limits to the amount that can be sold.  In fact, the amount that can be legally sold to a Colorado resident is more than the amount that can be sold to a non-resident.

When asked about marijuana during a press conference, Belichick did not address whether he specifically addressed the issue, but LaGarrette Blount indicated he did lecture the teaming, telling them not to be “stupid.”  Belichick simply reminded the press of the NFL’s policy regarding marinuana.  The NFL does not allow marijuana usage regardless of the location of the team.

Similar to the NFL, the federal government has banned the use of marijuana.  Thus far, it does not appear as though the federal government will be enforcing any federal laws regarding small amounts of marijuana.