Kelly Fischer

Dahl Fischer Wilks Attorney Colorado Kelly Portrait

Kelly Fischer is a founding and managing partner with Dahl Fischer. Driven by a desire for purpose, she started Dahl Fischer to be able to engage more fully with her clients, making everyone more successful. As an owner of the Firm, it is important to her that each and every client feels cared for by the Firm as a whole. She takes pride in working directly with clients and enjoys hearing each person’s story. Listening to and understanding each individual client helps her to understand their needs, recognize their concerns and provide solutions.

Kelly practices in business law, real estate law and estate planning. Kelly is a Colorado native. She has a large, tight knit family. In fact, all of her immediate family still lives in Colorado. Kelly earned her law degree, MBA and a Master of Science in Real Estate and Construction Management from the University of Denver. She worked as a prosecutor for five years prior to founding Dahl Fischer.

While her practice used to focus primarily on litigation, she has shifted her focus to transactional work. This shift was prompted by a desire to help clients be proactive and forward thinking rather than untangling issues on the back end. Kelly’s family, educational and professional background provide her with a special appreciation for the importance of caring for loved ones and protecting the things you have worked for; things best done ahead of time.

Kelly Fischer

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