Actor Charged with Hit and Run From November Accident

ABC Family actor Jake Austin is finally being charged with hit and run for an accident happened in November 2013.  The 19-year-oldactor was with friends when he hit three parked cars in Sherman Oaks, California.  The actor left the car on scene and called a car service to pick him up.  The police were ultimately able to determine the car belonged to Austin.

Jake Austin DUIHit and run is punishable by jail and a hefty fine in California.  The hit-and-run charge is not Austin’s only problem.  About a month before the hit and run, Austin got a DUI, and he is currently on probation for the DUI.  If Austin was on probation on the date of the hit and run, then the new charge may be a violation of his DUI probation.  If, however, he was not yet on probation as of the date of the accident, then the new charge is not a violation of probation.

Colorado recently changed its hit-and-run law, lengthening the statute of limitations to prosecute these types of cases.  A statute of limitations, puts a limit on how long a case may be investigated without a person being charged.   This law change gives law enforcement and prosecutors more time to find hit-and-run drivers.

In Colorado, hit and run is a 12-point offense and is a habitual traffic hit.  Habitual traffic charges may result in revocation of driving privileges, not only for points, but also if too many habitual traffic convictions are accumulated in too short a period of time, then a person’s privilege may be revoked for being a habitual traffic offender.