421 DUI Arrests Over Superbowl Weekend Last Year

Last year Colorado law enforcement arrested 421 people for suspicion of DUI.  This is the highest number since the state began it’s statewide DUI enforcement in 2009.  Now that this year’s Superbowl match-up is set, Colorado law enforcement will undoubtedly be making plans for increased DUI enforcement over the first weekend in February.  This year’s Superbowl is set for Sunday, February 2 with the Denver Broncos facing off against the Seattle Seahawks.  With Denver’s team playing in the big game, this year may see even more DUI arrests than previous years.

Of the 421 DUI arrests, 138 of those arrests were made on Superbowl Sunday.  Denver, Aurora and Colorado Springs saw the highest number of arrests.  A DUI arrest does not necessarily mean the person was convicted of or even charged with a DUI.  For example, if an officer has probable cause to believe a driver is under the influence, the officer may request that the driver submit to a blood or breath test to determine the blood alcohol level.  If a driver agrees to take a breath test and those breath test results, which are generated at the time the breath test is taken, show a BAC below the legal limit and/or presumptions, then the officer may decide not to move forward with that charge.  Unlike a breath test, blood test results are not received immediately so a person may initially be charged with a DUI, but upon receipt of the BAC results, if those results are below the legal limit and/or presumptions, then the DUI charge may be dismissed on a later date.

In addition, regardless of how the breath or blood test results come back, the prosecution bears the burden of proving the charges beyond a reasonable doubt, including offering evidence that the test results are reliable.

Please plan ahead for the Superbowl weekend and make arrangements so you do not put yourself in a difficult situation.  If you do find yourself arrested for suspicion of DUI, please contact us for a free consultation to discuss how we may be able to help you.

Source:  https://denver.cbslocal.com/2013/02/13/colorado-law-enforcement-arrest-421-for-dui-over-super-bowl-weekend/