315 DUI Arrests Over Super Bowl Weekend

Colorado State Patrol reports 315 DUI arrests over the Super Bowl weekend.  Nearly 100 law enforcement agencies participated in increased patrols, beginning January 31 through February 3.  The 315 DUI arrests this year is down from last year.  Last year, there were over 400 DUI arrests.

The next reported timeframe for increased DUI patrols is St. Patrick’s Day weekend, beginning March 14 through March 17.  Increased patrols generally mean increased DUI arrests.  Increased DUI arrests means people being arrested for their first time DUI as well as people getting arrested for a subsequent offense.  Regardless of whether it is a first time or subsequent offense, there are serious potential consequences.

Obviously, the consequences are greater the greater the number of priors, but even a first time offense carries significant consequences.  At a minimum, even on a first time offense, there is required education and therapy, community service hours, court costs and fines.  Under the law, even on a first time offense, jail is a possible consequence and under certain circumstances, jail time may be mandatory.  These consequences do not include the collateral consequences related to your driver’s license.  Being charged with a DUI may result in revocation of your driving privilege.  The length of the revocation, eligibility for early reinstatement and requirements for reinstatement vary depending on the facts of the case.

Don’t be a victim of increased DUI patrols.  Plan accordingly as you celebrate special occasions.  If you should find yourself charged with a DUI, whether it is your first or subsequent offense, contact us to see how we may be able to help.