3 Days Jail for "Super Extreme DUI"

As follow up to a blog post from last week, Phoenix Suns player, P.J. Tucker, was sentenced on his “super extreme” DUI.  He pled guilty, but received a reduced sentence.

Tucker was facing up to 45 days in jail.  The judge sentenced him to 3 days of jail, 11 days of in-home detention and probation.  This 14-day sentence is legal because Tucker is installing a interlock device in his car.  In Arizona, this reduces the penalty the judge must impose.

Colorado does not offer a penalty reduction for having an interlock device, at least not as it relates to the DUI charge and sentencing.  The interlock device will allow the driver to reinstate his or her privilege to drive earlier than if he or she did not have the interlock device.  Under certain circumstances, Colorado DMV actually requires that a driver install an interlock device in his or her car to reinstate their driving privilege at all.