Positive Plea Bargains

We are always happy for our clients when we are able to get charges dismissed, but sometimes clients need our help to mitigate their situation.  Sometimes people make a mistake and simply need help making sure that one mistake does not have devasting consequences.  There is great value in having an attorney even if you feel you are guilty of the offenses charged because an attorney can help mitigate the consequences through plea bargaining.

We had a few cases last week that resulted in positive plea bargains.  Providing mitigation is an important part of the plea bargaining process and we rely on our clients to be involved in gathering the information to be shared.  Thanks to one client, we were able to persuade the prosecution to offer an in home detention sentence on a case that started out as a jail sentence.  In this particular case, the judge was initially reluctant to accept the plea agreement, but after hearing argument regarding the mitigation and a statement from the client, he accepted the in home detention agreement.  In another case, our client worked diligently to get back into compliance with probation.  Because of her efforts, we were able to convince the prosecution to withdraw the complaints to revoke her probation and terminate the supervision, helping her avoid any additional consequences.

We were also scheduled for a jury trial in Westminster Municipal Court last week.  At the trial status conference, the case was dismissed in its entirety.