2 Denver Broncos Execs Suspended for DUI Arrests

People from all walks of life can get arrested for a DUI.  Two Denver Broncos executives were arrested for DUIs within a month of each other.  Their cases have not been resolved through the legal system yet, but the Broncos have suspended both executives without pay.  Both men will be required to complete treatment, rehabilitation and counseling before they are allowed to return to work.  This treatment, rehabilitation and counseling appears to be a separate requirement from any court imposed requirements, of which there will be many.

Colorado’s DUI laws are some of the most onerous in the country.  Colorado’s DUI laws take away a certain amount of judicial discretion in imposing a sentence for an alcohol related driving offense.  For example, if a person is convicted of an alcohol related driving offense, which includes a DWAI as well as a DUI, the court must impose alcohol education and therapy, community service hours and a victim impact panel.  The level of education and therapy and the number of community service hours varies, but are, nonetheless, required in every case.  In addition to these probationary requirements, under certain circumstances, there is mandatory jail time.  Some times the jail time can be served through an alternative sentencing plan, but other times the jail is truly mandatory.  For more information related to DUI sentencing, please visit our web page dedicated to sentencing.

These consequences are in addition to consequences related to a driver’s license.  In Colorado, even for a first time DUI, DMV will revoke your driving privilege for a period of time.  This is true whether you agree to take a chemical test to determine your BAC level or refuse a chemical test.  However, the length of the revocation is much longer if you refuse.  In order to reinstate your driving privilege, DMV requires certain things such as installation of an interlock device and SR-22 insurance.  For more information related to DMV requirements, please visit our web page dedicated to DMV consequences.

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